1. My own homework: made up an Income/Expense schedule for DH’s pay periods based on what I project his take home to be. It’ll be tight, but better than going backward. 2. Landed a child-transport job. It’s not much- $200 a month for about 15 hours of work…and it is all concentrated in the mornings.

Since we don’t have kids

I’ve not paid much attention to how things are being taught these days. Apparently a lot has changed in 30 years. I saw this article and wondered whether anyone in the blog has kids participating in this method of teaching, and what they think of it: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Education/2013/0814/Is-your-student-competent-A-new-education-yardstick-takes-the-measure This actually may have a lot to do

We had a lawyer

that for some reason saved all her reimbursement checks over the course of like 4 years and when she was leaving the firm, wanted to cash them. I think we told her No and had to re-issue 1 check for all the amounts. This is why I impose direct deposit on as many items as

I worked at a company where

One of the board members would hold checks and give them to his assistant to deposit maybe a couple times a year. The bank (don’t know if it was his or or the company’s) wouldn’t cash anything over six months old, so his assistant would have to ask us to replace the old checks. This

Odd you mention that about machine processing

I think if an account has a requirement for two signatures (and maybe other specifics) they are handled manually. Our fire district has a two-signature requirement and the bank does catch checks that aren’t signed by two board members. (The check gets cashed when someone deposits it, but one of our board has to go

Years ago (like 30)

I used to work for a mortgage company in the Los Angeles area. We made second mortgages. Firsts were going for about 13 – 14% and our seconds were 18 – 21% depending on the borrower’s credit rating. We had one investor (that’s where we got the money to loan) who would save up all

My DH is notorious for not depositing checks

He’ll just flat out lose them, or forget about them, or put off depositing them for whatever “reason” (one of the things we’re working on right now). You’d think that depositing a check would be simple and good news and happy and something to look forward to, but there’s a whole host of situations where

We always pay rent by money order

(stems from years ago, different landlord, who used to take up to 6 weeks to cash a check….) Walmart’s limit for MO’s is $1000 at a time, so I’ll just go get the MO twice a month instead of once a month. Does anyone know if Sam’s Club issues money orders? I ask because the

One more note:

since you are paying the mortgage 1/2 out of each check—-make sure you put it somewhere it can’t be touched while waiting for the other check—or that could cause some big problems. I am just mentioning this because I know if my sister were to do this—her and hubby would have issues–as they tend to

This plan sounds good–as is

Just make sure you have factored in groceries and misc. Personally, I try to stay a month ahead of the bills—so I get to the point where I can pay a bill–the minute it comes in. Of course, it took me time to be able to do this. Each pay period, I would pay what


I would cut back if I had a $500 water bill and if I used credit cards and bought unnecessary items I wouldn’t use a credit card nor would I buy those things with cash. I’m tight with buying however I buy. We aren’t in flood or tornado country but we are in earthquake area.

I think sometimes

it’s not necessarily about being lazy or complaining. I think it’s a loss of ‘hope’. There are many out there who truly don’t BELIEVE they will ever be without debt, payday loans or payments and they can’t see a way out. I’ve seen it several times with people who have attended the FPU Classes I’ve

I have credit cards

I use them, pay them off monthly and have an excellent credit score.They are cash reward cards and while I’m told on here that isn’t wealth building and I agree, the amount that kicks over into my emergency fund is a happy thing for me. Coupon clipping isn’t wealth building either and buying something because

Nothing like being very late with a reply but

I have seen cases where the owner, was just a half owner of the property in the first place. If the property is titled to Mr. And Mrs. And you enter into contract with Mr… You just have partial claim. If Mr. Dies…Mrs. Retains her portion and if the property was willed to the other

Jhon, abuse laws have state

local and federal interpretations so you would need to cover yourself on all levels. Insurance is state by state. You would also need to know if they in fact have a rep payee, or someone who has a POA for them—which is very likely at their age. It could really screw things up for you

Thanks for all that

I’m going to have to go back and really read up on all this. My understanding (granted, it’s several decades old now) was that lease to own was legally different from contract for deed, which was also different from, but not as much different, from a standard mortgage. I’m going to have to get current

For the C for D’s that I’ve been aware of

all that stuff was handled in the contract. Death, divorce, first right of refusal, the terms of the loan, liability, etc. The family was bound by the contract. I guess I’d be curious if Dave has seen instances where the contract had those details specified, and it didn’t hold up in court for some reason.