I think sometimes

it’s not necessarily about being lazy or complaining. I think it’s a loss of ‘hope’. There are many out there who truly don’t BELIEVE they will ever be without debt, payday loans or payments and they can’t see a way out. I’ve seen it several times with people who have attended the FPU Classes I’ve

I have credit cards

I use them, pay them off monthly and have an excellent credit score.They are cash reward cards and while I’m told on here that isn’t wealth building and I agree, the amount that kicks over into my emergency fund is a happy thing for me. Coupon clipping isn’t wealth building either and buying something because

Nothing like being very late with a reply but

I have seen cases where the owner, was just a half owner of the property in the first place. If the property is titled to Mr. And Mrs. And you enter into contract with Mr… You just have partial claim. If Mr. Dies…Mrs. Retains her portion and if the property was willed to the other