Since you are retired, you really don’t need a credit score for much stuff anymore

Getting 5% cash back is fine, except when someone spends 40% more on items they weren’t going to buy. How many people go to dinner and overspend? How many go shopping without a budget and overspend? If you spent $100 to get $5 back, you could have spent $90 and save the $10. Responsible people will pay off a credit card each month, but you have to ask yourself, how much of the actual spending was over budget or unnecessary? If your water bill went up to $500, you would probably cut back to a normal amount.

I think sometimes

it’s not necessarily about being lazy or complaining. I think it’s a loss of ‘hope’. There are many out there who truly don’t BELIEVE they will ever be without debt, payday loans or payments and they can’t see a way out.
I’ve seen it several times with people who have attended the FPU Classes I’ve facilitated. They come truly believing there is no way out.

In my experience (7 or 8 classes now) 50% of those who come to class without hope, will leave before the 4th class. The other 50 percent gets it, at least to some degree and sticks it out to the end.

fireangel….who joined the group yesterday. Hi Eldred and Sandi!! And of course anyone else who knows me whom I haven’t ‘seen’ yet. 🙂

I have credit cards

I use them, pay them off monthly and have an excellent credit score.They are cash reward cards and while I’m told on here that isn’t wealth building and I agree, the amount that kicks over into my emergency fund is a happy thing for me. Coupon clipping isn’t wealth building either and buying something because you have a coupon unless you use it all the time or it is free isn’t smart but still fun to have the extra dollars if you would buy it anyway. All a matter of discipline and knowing yourself..

I’m retired, can live on my pension or even in a real pinch could exist on my social security, continue to invest as I did when I worked. Seems to me if credit cards are not a problem to you now and you both are on board with having one or two and paying off every month or only using every few months to keep them active and a good score would be okay. My opinion only. My homes are paid for, both residence and rental properties, am able to give. Your dream is a big one, wish you well however you make it happen. Just be sure to take into account that life has a way of dropping problems into your life along the way so you can’t count on everything always going smoothly.

Nothing like being very late with a reply but

I have seen cases where the owner, was just a half owner of the property in the first place. If the property is titled to Mr. And Mrs. And you enter into contract with Mr… You just have partial claim. If Mr. Dies…Mrs. Retains her portion and if the property was willed to the other spouse, your claim is further removed.
Many elder persons property is caught in estate recovery issues, spend down scenarios, reverse mortgage scams…not fully untangled until the death of one or both parties…