One more note:

since you are paying the mortgage 1/2 out of each check—-make sure you put it somewhere it can’t be touched while waiting for the other check—or that could cause some big problems.

I am just mentioning this because I know if my sister were to do this—her and hubby would have issues–as they tend to say “oh we have money–we will just put it back next check”.

This plan sounds good–as is

Just make sure you have factored in groceries and misc.

Personally, I try to stay a month ahead of the bills—so I get to the point where I can pay a bill–the minute it comes in.

Of course, it took me time to be able to do this. Each pay period, I would pay what is needed to be paid and then I would see if I could fit one more bill into the mix. Eventually, everything was able to be paid ahead of time.

I just feel better being able to do it that way.