We’ve been accused of being rednecks, but even we’re not that bad

Although we do have cheap blue tarps everywhere. You know you’re a VS redneck when you have a budget line item and/or sinking fund for yearly replacement cost of cheap blue tarps. Even cheap blue tarps get expensive if you use a lot of ’em. Bet that car didn’t cost much though. Maybe that’s where LT beaters go to die when we’ve driven the wheels right off them. They’re turned out to pasture! Ha!

Since we don’t have kids

I’ve not paid much attention to how things are being taught these days. Apparently a lot has changed in 30 years. I saw this article and wondered whether anyone in the blog has kids participating in this method of teaching, and what they think of it:


This actually may have a lot to do with financial issues down the road, and DR in particular, because this lesson approach puts a lot more emphasis on figuring out where some obstacle is holding up the works, and taking responsibility for changing it. That mental discipline is sorely lacking in a lot of adults, and it’s in the background for a lot of the issues we talk about here. So I’m very curious what parents might think of this alternate method of teaching. Maybe/hopefully it creates a different mindset that would avoid those problems before they became problems. Comments?