DH gets paid on the 15th and 30th (boy, it sure feels good to say those words.)

There isn’t a lot of projected cushion for each check—(I’ll know better after the 1st one), so I have split up the checks so that X bills get paid from the 15th check and X bills get paid from the 30th check, and I’m taking 1/2 rent and 1/2 gas budget out of each check (rather than all from one check)

I split up the bills by due dates. I have bills due 3rd – 12th, and bills due 22nd-29th (oddly, nothing in between those dates.) It comes out about even (2067/2077) for each period.

Is there a (better) way to do it differently? As it is, I’m thinking I would pay the bills due 22nd-29th out of the check on the 15th, and the bills due 3rd-12th from the check on the 30th. I’m obviously wanting to avoid any late payments–at anywhere from $5 to $35 per (x 10 items which charge late fees, it could be pretty hefty each month.)

I think sometimes

it’s not necessarily about being lazy or complaining. I think it’s a loss of ‘hope’. There are many out there who truly don’t BELIEVE they will ever be without debt, payday loans or payments and they can’t see a way out.
I’ve seen it several times with people who have attended the FPU Classes I’ve facilitated. They come truly believing there is no way out.

In my experience (7 or 8 classes now) 50% of those who come to class without hope, will leave before the 4th class. The other 50 percent gets it, at least to some degree and sticks it out to the end.

fireangel….who joined the group yesterday. Hi Eldred and Sandi!! And of course anyone else who knows me whom I haven’t ‘seen’ yet. 🙂

Jhon, abuse laws have state

local and federal interpretations so you would need to cover yourself on all levels. Insurance is state by state. You would also need to know if they in fact have a rep payee, or someone who has a POA for them—which is very likely at their age. It could really screw things up for you if that person is not as agreeable. If it is a POA then they may be completely reluctant because any contract they enter in under the name of the couple could make them liable for said contract should something happen to the couple. It’s pretty sticky and I sure wouldn’t wade those waters without a good lawyer.

An example given on the POA website or USA Today money used the example we are running into: The person with the POA orders a charge card at the person’s request and even if they never use the charge card (the poa holder) they are liable for the entire balance if something happens to the card holder. Apparently sil is not aware of this and as taken out loans (car and possible a house) and cc in dmil’s name, so her goose is cooked. A friend had a poa for his dad’s construction business and signed for ONE lumber delivery because his dad was not available. Dad filed bankruptcy a few years later and Ralph got stuck with ALL the bills and a huge IRS bill as a result. So anyone with a poa needs to be VERY careful how they use it.