I had the same conversation many years ago in a bowling league

A bowler was complaining because the treasurer didn’t deposit her check for 2 or 3 weeks. I figured, as long as you had accounted for it in your check register(this was before Quicken), what’s the problem?
But as far as why someone wouldn’t deposit it? They forgot about it, misplaced it, etc. Or they don’t want an ex to know how much money they have yet. Or they don’t have a checking account because ChexSystems screwed them over… Just throwing out ideas… 🙂

For the C for D’s that I’ve been aware of

all that stuff was handled in the contract. Death, divorce, first right of refusal, the terms of the loan, liability, etc. The family was bound by the contract. I guess I’d be curious if Dave has seen instances where the contract had those details specified, and it didn’t hold up in court for some reason. If nothing else I might have to go review those topics on his website and see what else I can find on this topic. At least this gives me some idea of what the objections were…..