DH gets paid on the 15th and 30th (boy, it sure feels good to say those words.)

There isn’t a lot of projected cushion for each check—(I’ll know better after the 1st one), so I have split up the checks so that X bills get paid from the 15th check and X bills get paid from the 30th check, and I’m taking 1/2 rent and 1/2 gas budget out of each check (rather than all from one check)

I split up the bills by due dates. I have bills due 3rd – 12th, and bills due 22nd-29th (oddly, nothing in between those dates.) It comes out about even (2067/2077) for each period.

Is there a (better) way to do it differently? As it is, I’m thinking I would pay the bills due 22nd-29th out of the check on the 15th, and the bills due 3rd-12th from the check on the 30th. I’m obviously wanting to avoid any late payments–at anywhere from $5 to $35 per (x 10 items which charge late fees, it could be pretty hefty each month.)